About AHHA Wellness Spa

AHHA Wellness Spa is a Brisbane wellness centre, providing a variety of services. Various offer various massages but also natural healing treatments such as Reiki, energy-based systems such as crystal healing, sauna, cupping, and body psychotherapy. However, the main focus is on floatation. This is a unique spa in Brisbane, and we offer membership, rather than clients having to pay for each session.

If you are in search of a spa wellness experience that goes beyond the touch of a massage therapist, then floatation could be an option to explore. During a session, you can deal with emotions; or ease your pain, whatever the reason for your session, contact us to learn how you, too, can enjoy this special experience at our health spa in Brisbane.

Citizens of Brisbane can revitalise in a novel way. Escape to the spa offering more than massages, but the added treatment of immersion in floatation tanks. A floatation tank, or sensory-deprivation tank, is a soundproof tank, partly filled with heated water infused with Epsom salts. Depending on what you wish to get out of a session, floating, weightless in a dark, silence, might bring new insights and benefits you didn’t anticipate.

Things you should know about spa packages in Brisbane

Some spa packages include flotation tank therapy. The Epsom salts, or magnesium sulphate, helps you to float, while absorption of this mineral supports the nervous system and assisting the body’s healing process. Many people can benefit from this treatment:

  • Athletes. Athletes use this therapy to speed up recovery time. Floatation therapy allows for more intensive training and has proven especially useful for recovery after competitions.
  • Pregnant women. Although they will need consent from a doctor, the floating helps moms-to-be by relieving the burden of carrying their baby, resting the back and feet.
  • Anxiety and depression sufferers. During floatation, endorphins are released in the body, and blood flow increases, relieving pain and boosting your mood.

Tips about AHHA Wellness Spa

Before visiting our health spa located in North Brisbane, you should know what a treatment entails, and the dos and don’ts while there.

  • What is offered. You will be given a private room with a shower, together with all products and other requirements, such as shampoo, a face cloth and bath towel, Vaseline (for cuts), and earplugs. You will need to bring your own hairbrush.
  • How to prepare. Before engaging in our therapies, you should allow 14 days after colouring your hair or a new tattoo. Wait five days after a spray tan. Stay hydrated and eat a light meal two hours before the treatment. Remove your contact lenses before immersing yourself.
  • Things you should not do. Do not take any stimulants beforehand, such as tea, coffee, and alcohol. Do not wax or shave on the same day as this treatment as your skin might be sensitive to the salts.