Ultimate package

This package includes 20 min Massages Chair, 30 min IR Sauna and 60 min Float.Its perfect for those occasions when you need a little of everything!


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This package includes a 60 min Biomat and 20min massage chair. This is the perfect package for those looking to just relax.


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This package includes a 60 min float and 30 min IR Sauna. This is perfect the athletes out there who need a quick boost to their recovery.


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Float for 2

This package includes 2 x 60 min floats. Whether you are treating your special someone or just bringing a friend along for the experience, this one is for you.


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Deep Relaxation

This package offers deep relaxation by combining 60min float and 60min massage.Floating before your massage speeds up the process of your muscles relaxing, While a float after your massage take cares any problem areas


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Body Psychotherapy + Float

This package includes a 60 min Body Psychotherapy session and a 60 min float. A float before your body psychotherapy session is a great way to get into the healing head space.


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